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Who we are


NotesAmare is the spin-off of Crastan Caffè.
The "racing department" of a company that has always focused and invested in the quality of its coffees.

We have decided to raise the bar again and to compete on equal terms with the best micro roasteries in the world.

The experience of 50 years of roasting, constantly updated technology and a clear vision of what coffee should be have led us on this path. Difficult, challenging but stimulating.

We rethink the future of coffee with new sensitivities, goals and priorities.

Social responsibility, environmental impact and the values that unite us, from the plantation to the cup, are the focus of our work today.

What is a Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffees for us

According to the SCA, the Specialty Coffee Association, it is an Arabica coffee free from defects that reaches, according to organoleptic parameters, at least 80 points on a scale of 100.

In our opinion, the true values of a specialty coffee, in addition to quality, are the transparency and traceability of the product.

From the plantation to the cup, the consumer can know all the steps: where it was grown, by whom, how, even how much the coffee was paid to the farmer who harvested it, the environmental and social sustainability projects linked to production.

In the world of coffee this is a real revolution.

Specialty coffees have changed the rules. They allow to have
exceptional coffees, total transparency and a fair redistribution of value throughout the chain.

This is our idea of Specialty Coffee

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